100 Legendary Cats for 100 Lucky Collectors

I Launched My First Ever Cat NFT Collection on Polygon on 31  October 2021

cat me.jpg

Welcome to the "Cute NFT Art". I’m Irina and I’m so happy you landed here. You can quickly surf this page to get to know me, but this is just a glimpse of what I want to achieve with my art. My real goal is to build a strong community of nft enthusiasts with common goals and values! Feel free to join our Discord if you want to be a part of something big very, very early. I promise you will never regret it.


About Me

I live and breathe for my people

I am a pet artist, I draw illustrations of cats and dogs. For years, I printed my images on merch (t-shirts, canvases or pillows like the ones in this image) and sold them online. All my previous activity is public on Etsy, you can check over 700 five-star reviews that will show you how much I care about my followers. I have a proven track record of being there for my people. Now I’m entering the NFT space with my first collection. I start small, but my plans are big. Join me and you will be rewarded.

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A 100 NFT Collection is a very scarce number so the holders of my first ever nftart pieces will be heavily rewarded during my entire nft career from now on into the years to come.

My First Ever Collection is Unique on Polygon

The collection is called: Cute NFT Cats and it consists of 100 unique hand-drawn cats for 100 special NFT collectors. No copies, no so-called "AI" involved, no body parts mixing, no rarity traits, just good old drawing minted on blockchain. Real art for legit collectors.

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I aunched my collection on October 31st, 2021. My early discord members got priority access and lots of perks. Join Discord Now!

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